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About Us

Peninsula Pain and Rehabilitation Center is a chiropractic and acupuncture practice in Newport News, Virginia. We’re dedicated to helping people improve their overall health. Although most of our clients are aged 30 to 65 years old, we can cater to individuals of any age.

Meet Our Founder

Michael Cook, D.C. Dipl.Ac.

(Doctor of Chiropractic. Diplomate in Acupuncture)

Dr. Michael Cook is a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in the conservative management of back and neck pain. Utilizing Chiropractic care enables Dr. Cook to treat improper mechanical function of the spine while relieving pain and improving spinal integrity.

He is also board certified in Acupuncture by the NCCAOM. Acupuncture is a centuries old method of relieving pain and improving the body's natural function.

Dr. Cook is trained in the manual therapy art of Gua-Sha, which is especially helpful with persistent soft tissue pain and medically unresponsive pain syndromes. With his extensive training in chiropractic at Life University and acupuncture at National University, he provides pain treatment options that are non-invasive, and utilized by many who have not responded to conventional pain management.

Originally from Newport News and Ferguson High School, Dr. Cook was a record-setting member of the swimming team at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. After college and as a result of injuring his spine and dealing with unresponsive sciatica, he achieved total relief with chiropractic treatment.

As a result of this experience, he enrolled and completed his Doctor of Chiropractic training at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was awarded an academic and clinical skills scholarship and served as a clinical instructor in the outpatient clinic.

Dr. Cook was one of the first chiropractic physicians in Virginia to be trained in Manipulation Under Anesthesia, a medical and chiropractic combined procedure performed in a hospital setting. He offers non-surgical Disc Decompression therapy for degenerative and herniated Lumbar discs with the DRX9000 medical device offering a well documented treatment option for this common spinal condition.

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